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Rob Parker Says the Cleveland Browns Are Not Making the Playoffs

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Colin Cowherd: “Cleveland was 1-5 against winning teams, they added a star receiver and star running back to already great receiver and running back groups, and didn’t address their offensive line. They have a rookie head coach, they’re the youngest team in the league and expectation is through the roof. I think they’ll be fighting for a playoff spot but many think they’re a SUPER BOWL contender, do you buy in?”
Rob Parker: “NO WAY, NO HOW. I get they’ve been so terrible for such a long time and they don’t wanna hear that, but you’re right, look at who they beat a year ago. The ONE game they won against a team who finished over .500 was Joe Flacco and the Ravens early on in the year when they won the game 12-9. THEY DIDN’T BEAT ANYBODY. I could see this thing blowing up and I’m gonna say they DO NOT make the playoffs.”

Listen to Rob Parker join The Herd and explain why he thinks the Cleveland Browns bandwagon will soon have its tires slashed, as Parker doesn’t believe the popular Super Bowl bet is a legitimate contender.

Parker tells Colin Cowherd that it’s hard to buy into a team like Cleveland who went 7-8-1 last season, with a point differential of -33, and a only one win over a team above .500.

Check out the audio below as Parker thinks the Odell Beckham Jr experiment could turn disastrous as Parker is worried that Beckham is going to be the odd man out and an awkward third wheel to Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry.

Rob Parker Says the Cleveland Browns Are Not Making the Playoffs