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Colin Cowherd: Cowboys, Bears, Seahawks, and Saints Will Miss the Playoffs

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles
Colin Cowherd: “The AFC is the conference of Tom Brady and the NFC is the conference of parity. I don’t think four of the six team’s from last year’s NFC Playoffs make it: I don’t think the Bears, Saints, Cowboys, or Seahawks will be playoff teams.”

New Orleans Saints: “Drew Brees at the end of last year looked tired, and he’s getting older. They lost their very good center–– Max Unger, Mark Ingram––their power runner, Michael Thomas is holding out and their early schedule is brutal.”

Chicago Bears: “They’re really good but I think Minnesota and Kirk Cousins will rebound. I think Aaron Rodgers is back and will have the best defense he has had in seven years. That division will be really close. I think the Bears will be out of the playoffs by Week 16.”

Dallas Cowboys: “Philadelphia is probably the best team in the NFC so Dallas will be playing for a Wild Card. The problem with playing for a Wild Card in the NFC is San Francisco, Minnesota, Atlanta, and Carolina will all be better. This is a 9-7 football team and they’re going to look up at all the tiebreakers at the end and not get in.”

Seattle Seahawks: “The Rams are the real deal and San Francisco is going to be the team who doubles their wins this season. I wouldn’t want to play Kyler Murray and the Cardinals either, who are going to shock people in the first couple months with that college offense.”

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Colin Cowherd: Saints, Bears, Cowboys, and Seahawks Will Miss the Playoffs