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Why SEC Football Teams Need to Stop Bragging How Tough Their Conference Is

College Football Playoff Semifinal Head Coaches - News Conference
Colin Cowherd: “The ‘Gauntlet’ of the SEC is OVERRATED. They get four cupcakes and a couple of byes! Dabo Swinney said: ‘Everybody tells me Alabama was tired because they went through the ‘grind’. Well, they won by an average of 33 points. Are you serious, they’re ‘TIRED??’… Who is challenging Alabama in the SEC? The answer is NOBODY. Georgia just comes close and LSU is no longer a factor. Even the SEC commissioner is acknowledging the SEC needs to start scheduling more out-of-conference Power 5 games because there’s declining attendance across the conference. The college football fans deserve more. Stop with this hooey that the SEC ‘gauntlet’ is brutal. You only play 8 conference games and you almost always have a CUPCAKE before your biggest one.” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he agrees with Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney’s recent comments rejecting the idea that Alabama was ‘tired’ going into their National Championship game against his Tigers, because a perceived ‘SEC Grind.’

Clemson would win the game via laughable blowout, 44-16.

Dabo pointed out that Alabama won every SEC game by over four touchdowns and wondered what type of ‘grind’ people were referring to, since that 'grind' featured a schedule which clearly didn’t challenge the Crimson Tide in any way.

Check out the audio below, as Colin blasts the SEC once again, a week after he called the entire conference overrated.

Why SEC Football Teams Need to Stop Bragging How Tough Their Conference Is