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Why Carli Lloyd Kicking in the NFL Was a Media-Driven Publicity Stunt

South Africa v United States
Ben Maller: “This obviously sounds like a gimmick and a publicity stunt and I’m skeptical this is all true. You want to bet this mystery team that offered Carli Lloyd a spot checked the USWNT schedule before making the offer? They figured there’s no way she’ll accept the offer and we will be seen as heroes. They don’t give red cards for hard hits in the NFL. If some cyborg in the NFL blew her up can you imagine the outrage? They would call for felony charges against the player that tackled her. She also took a seven step run up to the kick, usually it’s two or three steps for NFL kickers because you’ll get blocked. She had no pads on and there were no defenders either. Saying that was worthy of a tryout is farcical.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he believes United States Women’s National Team Hero Carli Lloyd’s flirtation with the National Football League appears like a blatant publicity stunt that never really made any sense from the beginning.

The two-time FIFA Player of the Year went viral last week when she uploaded a video kicking a 55-yard field goal at Philadelphia Eagles training camp, and then last night it was being reported that an NFL team had actually reached out to the 37-year-old soccer star to dress for their preseason game this Thursday night.

Maller says he can’t possibly picture this being true, and says the mystery team offering the contract who hasn’t been leaked yet, obviously HAD to know the USWNT had a friendly the same night against Portugal and that Lloyd would have to decline the offer.

Check out the audio below as Maller thinks this feel good story is simply a fairy tale.

Why Carli Lloyd Kicking in the NFL Was a Media-Driven Publicity Stunt