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Daniel Jones' Dazzling Preseason Didn't Score High in Advanced Statistics

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals
Colin Cowherd: “What does Pro Football Focus think of Daniel Jones?”
Sam Monson: “It’s interesting. He’s definitely been comfortable back there and he’s looked good, and probably better than he was going to look throughout this preseason given how we graded him in college which was good not great; certainly nowhere near the Kyler Murray level. But even his preseason grade hasn’t been as good as the general public perception of his play has been when you really break it down throw by throw. There’s a bad fumble that we charged to him that won’t show up in the box score. He hasn’t been quite as spectacular as a lot of people are thinking.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus explain to Colin Cowherd why their advanced analytic systems of next generation statistics haven’t been as impressed with New York Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones this preseason as the media and fans have been.

Jones would have won the MVP award for the preseason even there was such an honor, after going 29/34 for 415 yards, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions, but Mudson says PFF’s performance based grades didn’t believe the throws Jones were making were very difficult.

Check out the audio below as Monson and Colin Cowherd discuss why Jones’ immaculate stats may be highly misleading to a Giants fan base who is suddenly boasting Jones as the next great rookie star.

Daniel Jones' Dazzling Preseason Didn't Score High in Advanced Statistics