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Antonio Brown Thanks Patriots and Bill Belichick on Twitter After Being Cut

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

A seemingly trite Antonio Brown took to twitter minutes after he found out the New England Patriots had released the four-time All-Pro who is arguably the game's most talented wide receiver.

At 4:09 pm ET/1:09 PM PT, Brown made a tweet that read 'Thank you for the opportunity @Patriots #GoWinIt'.

Fans quickly flushed the comments section still confused about the tweet Brown had made, with no news of Brown's release having gone public yet.

At 4:10 pm ET/1:10 pm PT, Brown uploaded a picture of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, with the caption 'Sometimes people try to destroy you precisely because they recognize your power: Not because they don’t see it, but because they see it and they don’t want it to exist.'

Fans were still confused about the tweet, believing Brown may have still been alluding to his time on the Raiders and how bizarre their breakup had ended.

That's when news of Brown's release from the Patriots finally hit.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport first tweeted about the shocking release at 4:12 pm ET/1:12 pm PT with ESPN's Adam Schefter following a minute later at 4:13 pm ET/1:13 pm PT.

Brown then tweeted at 4:14 pm ET/1:14 pm PT 'Thanks for the opportunity appreciate @Patriots' with two photos, one of him talking to head coach Bill Belichick with a helmet on during their game versus the Dolphins, and another of Brown and Tom Brady hugging after they hooked up for a 20-yard touchdown in their 43-0 blowout over the Dolphins.

Brown then tweeted at 4:20 pm ET/1:20 pm PT 'If I'm lying then I'm flying' with a picture of him celebrating his only touchdown with New England.

At 4:22 pm ET/1:22 pm PT Brown once again tweeted a 'Thank You' with a picture of Brown and Belichick.

That's when the New England Patriots official Twitter account announced the move, at 4:22 pm ET/1:22 pm PT.

A minute later at 4:23 pm ET/1:23 pm PT Brown tweeted 'The marathon continues' and then finally at 6:03 pm ET/3:03 pm PT tweeted 'Just got fired on a Friday' with several sad and confused face emojis.