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Colin Cowherd: Odell Beckham Jr. Doesn't Add Any Value to an NFL Team

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Colin Cowherd: “Wide receivers are the icing, they’re not the cake. If your offensive line, the cake, is bad, it doesn’t matter what the icing is. it’s not saving a terrible cake. In Week 1 Odell was targeted a ton and the team was awful and got blown out. In Week 2 he was targeted a ton and had his biggest game and the team won. In Week 3 they targeted him a lot and they lost. In Week 4 they started scaling back the targets and they won. In Week 5 they really started scaling back the targets and they were terrible. There is no trend, correlation, or cause and effect. He’s talented, but there’s no correlation of his performance to anything that happens on the scoreboard.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

A day after saying the Cleveland Browns should trade Odell Beckham Jr., Colin Cowherd explained why he doesn’t think OBJ adds any value to the team from a wins standpoint.

Colin points out that if you blindly looked at Beckham Jr’s stat lines from a weekly basis, you would have no idea which lines came in victories and which lines came in defeats.

Colin says there is no trend or correlation with OBJ’s numbers and the team’s performance, saying he can have an awful game and they can win, he can have an amazing game and they can lose, and also he can have a great game and win, and have a bad game and they lose. Whatever the outcome on the scoreboard, OBJ doesn’t factor into the final result.

Check out the video below as Colin details why Beckham’s time in Cleveland won’t be long.