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Antonio Brown Appears to Miss Playing on Patriots, Wants Pats to 'Call Him'

It’s pretty difficult to know what is ever going through Antonio Brown’s head on a moment-to-moment basis considering he’s been arguably the most volatile athlete in the world in 2019, but Brown added another wrinkle to the psychological thriller he’s currently starring in.

On Thursday, Brown posted a picture to his official Instagram account that used the viral internet meme of X-Men character Wolverine sitting in bed and solemnly holding up a picture frame and touching the picture with his finger in a display of remorse for the contents in the photo. (Did I really just psychoanalyze Wolverine?)

In the picture frame on AB's Instagram is a picture of Brown wearing a Patriots uniform during their Week 2 game versus the Miami Dolphins with his helmet off and talking to New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. The caption of the photo is simply ‘Mood’.

Many fans who saw the photo believed it was a contrite and unemployed AB missing New England.

This was further magnified when Brown would later post to his Instagram story a graphic a fan made of a quote Brown allegedly said on his Instagram live feed, which read “If you guys follow the Patriots, tell ‘em to call me. They still gotta pay me, so might as well let me earn it.”

The Patriots released Brown on September 20th after allegations of Brown allegedly sending one of his sexual misconduct accusers intimidating text messages that even included Brown sharing a picture of the woman's children in a group chat she was in with Brown and members of his media staff. Brown said the woman was lying when she contributed to Sports Illustrated writer Robert Klemko's damning exposé on Brown.

Brown signed a one-year deal with the Patriots on September 7th after being released by the Oakland Raiders following a tumultuous run of PR nightmares.

In the only game Brown played for the Patriots, he caught 4 passes for 56 yards, including a 20-yard touchdown reception from Brady.

Fans had hoped Brady and Brown were going to make up the same type of legendary connection that Brady and Randy Moss made up from 2007-2010, as Moss once caught 23 touchdowns during a single season for a 2007 Patriots team that went 16-0 in the regular season.

Brown is currently trying to recoup the $9 million signing bonus he was supposed to receive from the Patriots when he first signed.