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Colin Cowherd: Michigan's Football Brand Lives on Reputation, Not Results

Ohio State v Michigan
Colin Cowherd: “A lot of times in sports the brand becomes bigger than the reality. In the last 20 years the Dallas Cowboys’ BRAND has been way bigger than the reality of what they’ve done on the football field. Let’s take the three best head coaches in Michigan football history. Bo Schembechler: averaged 10 wins a year, but once he ventured out of his conference to play other elite teams in bowl games he was awful, 5-12. That’s his legend. Lloyd Carr: averaged 9.5-10 wins when the Big Ten was awful and was under .500 in bowl games. Now here comes Jim Harbaugh averaging the same amount of wins and has a sub .500 bowl record. Because Michigan has an A+ fight song, an A+ stadium, A+ uniforms, and is a part of the greatest rivalry in college sports, their BRAND is A+. The reality is that Ohio State is the A+ program and Michigan is the A- or B+ program. Winning 9 or 10 games a year and winning every other bowl game at Michigan is what they are. Folks, they have one national championship in the last 70 years and it’s shared.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the Michigan Wolverines football program has a brand that far exceeds its reality, as one of the sports’ most celebrated football schools has accomplished very little on the field in the last 100 years.

College football analyst Joel Klatt pointed out on The Herd that Michigan football has won 11 or more games in a season just five times in the last 100 years. Ohio State has won 11 or more games the last consecutive seven seasons… Yet we closely compare the two schools as the crown jewels of the region, despite Michigan never accomplishing anything remotely close to Ohio State.

Check out the videos below as both Colin and Joel agree this program is immensely overhyped.