Rob Parker Says the New England Patriots Are Overrated

New England Patriots v New York Jets
Colin Cowherd: “I don’t like to make proclamations, but the AFC is OVER. Andrew Luck retires and Patrick Mahomes is 70%; IT'S OVER, just acknowledge it.”
Rob Parker: “Colin, are you kidding?? I’m not acknowledging that. Have you seen the teams they have beaten?? Monday’s game was like the NFL's version of the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals... The only thing missing was the confetti! Other than the Bills, their opponents are 6-26. They have the worst teams in the NFL on their resume. When they played the 5-1 Bills, Tom Brady struggled and went 18/39 for 159 yards and an interception. They haven’t been tested yet and a good team can beat them. Brady remains the L.O.A.T. – the LUCKIEST OF ALL TIME. When Mahomes got hurt, I said ‘here we go again, another clear path to the Super Bowl without earning it!’’ (Full Audio at Bottom Page)

Listen of famed New England Patriots critic Rob Parker once again detract from the team’s 7-0 start, as the Patriots beheaded a walking punchline New York Jets team on Monday Night Football, 33-0.

The Patriots are outscoring their opponents by 175 points through 7 weeks and look like Alabama playing the Citadel every week.

However, Rob looks at New England’s meager schedule, which borders on embarrassing at this point when you realize that outside of Buffalo, the Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, Giants, and Redskins have a combined record of 6-26 (counting the Jets 1-5 record x2).

Check out the audio below as Rob is tired of the flawless Patriots getting such immaculate praise, given they’ve only played one team with a pulse, and won 16-10 in that game behind Brady’s most miserable game of the season.

Rob Parker Says the New England Patriots Won't Win a Playoff Game This Year
Rob Parker Says the New England Patriots Won't Win a Playoff Game This Year
{'author': 'Wil Leitner', 'description': 'Rob Parker says the New England Patriots are the most overrated 6-0 team in NFL history.', 'image':...

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