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Bill Belichick is the Greatest 'Cheater' Ever, Not the Greatest Coach Ever

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Press Conference
Chris Broussard: “Bill Belichick coaching into his 70’s would be great for football because this guy is the greatest coach in NFL history. He’s the GOAT and he’s not going anywhere.”
Rob Parker: “Are you done?? Bill Belichick is the biggest cheater in the history of sports and it’s well documented. No other coach in the NFL was fined half a million dollars like Belichick was for SpyGate, when he was warned by the league to NOT to record other teams’ defensive signals. His own disciple Eric Mangini pulled back the blanket and it was FILTHY. You have the nerve to pass him over guys like Vince Lombardi and Don Shula, who did it right?? Shula had an undefeated season and DIDN’T lose in the big game. Belichick’s career is sullied and he cannot be considered the greatest coach ever. Wait for the REAL story on this to come out in a book and you’ll go ‘Wow, I didn’t realize all the things the Patriots were up to’. I would take Bill Parcells any day over Belichick. The guy is a CONVICTED cheater and that franchise is riddled with question marks; it's why people don’t give it credit for all the winning they do, and it's why people don’t respect the Patriots.” (Full Rant at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker absolutely rip New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick apart the same day the 67-year-old said he would leave the door open for coaching into his 70’s.

Belichick is coming off the 300th victory of his storied career, becoming just the third coach in NFL history to do it alongside Don Shula (347) and George Halas (324).

After Chris Broussard said the six-time Super Bowl champion Belichick was the greatest coach in NFL history, Rob quickly intervened saying he’s the ‘biggest cheater in sports history’, and explained how Belichick’s career will always be synonymous with cheating.

Check out the rant below as Parker says New England’s dark history of controversy with be at the beginning of their eulogy when all is said and done.