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Kevin Durant Will Forever Regret Leaving Steph Curry for Kyrie Irving

Colin Cowherd: “Kevin Durant chose Kyrie Irving over Steph Curry as his co-star. Steph is mature, an adult, low drama, an underwhelming personality, incredibly adaptable, easy to coach, and is a family man who doesn’t need validation. He’s the best co-star in the NBA. Kyrie is moody, needs the ball, is a bizarre personality –– world is flat –– can be more difficult to coach, unstable, difficult to play with, always drama in his life, always seeking validation, and not as ‘adult’ as Steph. Durant made a massive mistake.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss a recent NBA story that detailed how Kyrie Irving’s ‘mood swings’ are already a concern for a Brooklyn Nets team who just signed Irving to a four-year, $164 million deal with the team in July.

ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan penned a column yesterday that documented some of the turmoil Irving is already triggering with the team.

Colin says Kevin Durant made a catastrophic mistake leaving Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors dynasty to team up with Kyrie on a mediocre Nets roster that Colin doesn’t even see making the playoffs this year.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why he still can’t believe that KD would choose Kyrie or Steph to be his co-star in the final years of his prime.