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Colin Cowherd: Kansas City Chiefs Destined to Become Era's Fakest Contender

Colin Cowherd: “Every couple years we find a new team that we’re ABSOLUTELY SURE is going to unseat the Patriots. There were LT’s Chargers, the Killer 'B' Steelers, Andrew Luck’s Colts, the Texans and their letterman jackets, the Jaguars had a couple cracks, and now it’s Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City… NO. These Chiefs teams are not unseating the New England Patriots. The Chiefs are just a little better than the Raiders. They’re way too reliant on Patrick Mahomes, and they remind me of those Peyton Manning Colts teams which left a lot of Super Bowl championships on the table. Tell me what they do they well?? They design plays brilliantly and Mahomes is great -- I already saw that with Manning in Indy and Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. You’re going to leave a lot of Super Bowls on the table doing that.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the 7-4 AFC West-leading Kansas City Chiefs are a sham powerhouse a day after their narrow Mexico City triumph over the free falling Los Angeles Chargers.

Not only does Colin see the Chiefs as an illegitimate Super Bowl contender in this year’s top-heavy AFC, but he thinks they’re more of a meandering pretender in this era than a perennial juggernaut.

Colin says the Chiefs were erroneously anointed as the no. 1 contenders to level the New England Patriots dynasty and overthrow the crown to become the conference’s next supreme rulers. After seeing a Chiefs team devolve into simply a breathtaking offense steered by Patrick Mahomes with a miserably porous defense aside him, Colin says these Chiefs are more on the level of the Oakland Raiders than they are the Patriots.

Check out the video above as Colin says these Mahomes-led Chiefs teams could be the second-coming of the Manning-led Colts teams that won double-digit games every year for a decade but only captured one Super Bowl.