Colin Cowherd: Jason Garrett's Job is on the Line Sunday vs. Patriots

Colin Cowherd: “This game versus New England doesn’t boil down to Dak Prescott – Dak is good. It doesn’t boil down to the Cowboys’ offensive line or Zeke – they’re good. Or the weapons – ALL good. This is a referendum on Jason Garrett. Las Vegas has made the spread in this game 6.5 points. That is an absurd line for a Patriots team that can’t score and of a Dallas team who might have 8 of the top 10 best players in this game.This is all about Jason Garrett, and if Dallas loses Sunday against the Patriots they will be 0-4 versus Minnesota, New Orleans, Green Bay, and New England… Jerry is not paying him to beat Miami, and the rebuilding Giants. When Jerry Jones gets into his jet on Sunday night, in a three and a half hour bumpy flight in snowy New England after losing by 10 to a 42-year-old Tom Brady with no deep threat or Gronk – HE’S NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY. If they lose on Sunday, and maybe by over a touchdown, Jerry is going to make a decision on that three-hour flight.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett might have his job on the line this week in the Cowboys’ highly anticipated showdown versus the New England Patriots in Foxboro this Sunday afternoon.

Garrett is one of the longest tenured head coaches in the NFL alongside the likes of Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, and Sean Payton, but is also one of the NFL's most derided as well, as Garrett has failed to take loaded Dallas teams past the Divisional Round of the NFC playoff bracket since his first season in 2010.

With Dak Prescott playing the best football of his career, leading the NFL in passing yards and ranking 2nd in the league in QBR, Colin says Dallas’ seemingly teetering 6-4 record with few impressive victories is an indictment on Garrett’s mediocrity as a head coach.

Colin has long been a believer that the Cowboys can NEVER win a Super Bowl with Garrett.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Sunday is a MUST-WIN for Garrett.

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