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Six Reasons Why Ron Rivera Will Be the Next Head Coach of the Giants

Colin Cowherd: “I hold Ron Rivera in very high regard and I think he’s an EXCELLENT coach. He played in the NFL and has that Jack Del Rio/Anthony Lynn ‘Alpha Male’ persona as a big and intimidating guy. ‘Excellent’ people get fired in life all the time at all sorts of industries. There are five jobs that will probably be open and I would argue he’s the leading candidate in MOST of them. Washington, Atlanta, Dallas, Cleveland, and the New York Giants – the Giants are the PERFECT fit. Number one, they just had two whiffs with offensive guys, McAdoo and Shurmer, and they’ll go to defense now. Number two, the Giants offense is pretty damn good in spots and they need defense. Number three, they have a chance to finish with the worst record in the league and get Chase Young. Who would use Young really well? RON RIVERA. Number four, they have a young quarterback Rivera would be attracted to – he doesn’t talk and there’s no celebrity, no starpower, and no distractions unlike with Cam Newton. Number five, Ron Rivera won three straight NFC South championships with Dave Gettleman as the GM in Carolina. Number six, the Giants owner is the quietest guy in the league. This is a GIANTS coach.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks recently fired former Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera would make the PERFECT coach for a 2-10 New York Giants team will who likely part ways with second-year coach Pat Shurmur after the season.

Whether it’s current Giants GM Dave Gettleman having a history in Carolina with Rivera, the prospects of a defensive guy like Rivera possibly getting a chance to draft Ohio State phenom D-end Chase Young, or Rivera getting to work with a quiet and coachable player like Daniel Jones instead of the celebrity brand Cam Newton, check out the video above as Colin details why it’s the ideal match.