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Rob Parker: New England Patriots Franchise is Synonymous With Cheating

Rob Parker: “You talk about PREDICTABLE, now we find out there is another cheating scandal with the Patriots?? ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER. That’s what the Patriots do, they CHEAT. I wish I had a spot among the Pro Football Hall of Fame writers to make my case to stand up against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady NOT being first ballot Hall of Famers because there are too many question marks concerning that franchise. If this was just commonplace and ‘no big deal’ then the NFL wouldn’t be investigating it. There is a reason why they’re looking into it. There is only ONE team we keep hearing this with! They’ve won 6 championships but they don’t get the due and the credit that most teams who have done what they have done get. NFL America doesn’t feel good about them.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why the New England Patriots’ recent fling with the NFL rule book is just another classic case of a deceitful franchise executing clandestine operations that cross the lines of gamesmanship and enter into the bounds of downright disgrace.

A Patriots videographer was caught taping the Cincinnati Bengals sideline during Cincy’s game versus the Cleveland Browns last Sunday in Week 14, just one week before the Patriots are scheduled to play the Bengals in Week 15. The videographer allegedly was filming during the entire first quarter.

The Patriots released a statement saying they were getting footage for a video feature that was going to be uploaded to the team’s website that was going to center around a ‘series on employees’.

Rob says the excuse was laughably convenient and bogus, and says this seems to only be happening to the Patriots, who were infamously involved in a similar scandal tabbed ‘SpyGate’ where team employees illegal obtained footage of opposing teams’ sideline signals.

Check out the audio below as Rob details why this is another black eye for the Patriots franchise, and why it should prevent Tom Brady and Bill Belichick from being first ballot Hall of Famers.

Rob Parker: New England Patriots Franchise is Synonymous With Cheating