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Troy Aikman: Cowboys Are a Scary Playoff Matchup if They Win NFC East

Troy Aikman: “People might laugh at this if they’re critics of the Cowboys, but they’re capable of playing like they did yesterday and that is a good Rams team. I don’t think there is a team in the NFC that wants to face the Cowboys if they’re playing as well as they’re capable of playing… There are very few teams in this league that are really good on both sides of the ball and this is one of those teams. If Dallas gets in, they’re capable of doing damage.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Troy Aikman explain why he believes the 7-7 Dallas Cowboys could be an awfully scary matchup in the NFC Playoff bracket if the teetering Cowboys outlast the 7-7 Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East crown.

The Cowboys are coming off their first victory of the season against a team with a winning record after massacring a dangerous Rams team, and their Week 16 showdown in Philadelphia is the defacto division title game.

Aikman tells Dan Patrick that the Cowboys are one of the most balanced teams in the league, and are a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type team who can look like a Super Bowl contender one week, and then an overrated fraud the next.

Check out the interview above as Aikman details why no one wants to see Dallas in the playoffs.