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Colin Cowherd: New England Patriots Dynasty is Officially Over

Colin Cowherd: “What you’re seeing with the New England Patriots, we’ve seen before. It’s the San Antonio Spurs with Tim Duncan. The Patriots are good enough – with a great system and head coach – to win a division. but they're not a home field advantage throughout the playoffs team, they’re not good enough to get a bye, and they’re clearly not athletic and dynamic enough like Kansas City, New Orleans, San Francisco and Baltimore. You can still win your division, and people respect you, but nobody fears the Patriots.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the New England Patriots dynasty under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick suddenly had an expiration date stamped onto it after the team’s shocking home loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 17 that cost the Patriots a first round bye in the playoffs.

Colin says New England’s impending fall from grace feels like the same slow death the San Antonio Spurs dynasty experienced at the end of the Tim Duncan’s career. After winning the NBA Finals in 2014, the Spurs were knocked out by the Clippers in the first round the following year, and a year after that in 2016 were knocked out in the second round by the Grizzlies in what would be Duncan’s last season.

Colin says New England’s crumbling dynasty won’t be in the same form as the Golden State Warriors, whose dynasty was literally toppled overnight, but rather in the same 'slow burn' fashion that great dynasties of the past experienced when legendary coaches and aging Hall of Famers were able to still win a lot of games, but just weren't capable of going on postseason runs past contemporary juggernauts.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the AFC no longer fears the Patriots.