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Colin Cowherd Warns Tua Tagovailoa on Skipping Draft to Return to Alabama

Colin Cowherd: “Tua Tagovailoa needs to go pro... He’s already proven he’s good enough to be a pro quarterback and I think Tua is more talented than Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. He’s really special and I see Drew Brees. You don’t go back to the most physical college football conference by a mile and let Georgia, LSU, Florida, and Auburn NFL players hammer you. Maybe if he played in the Pac-12 where it is more finesse, or in the Big where they run around and have pillow fights, but I’m not letting Tua come back and get hammered by these SEC athletes. It’s very dangerous because his stock can only go down, and it’s not like he’s going ahead of Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why it would be ‘dangerous’ for Alabama superstar quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to spurn the upcoming NFL Draft and return to Alabama for his senior season.

Tagovailoa is currently near the top of all NFL Draft boards but comes with a major asterisk attached to his name considering he’s coming off a serious hip injury he suffered at the end of this season that was eerily similar to the same injury that ended Bo Jackson’s football career.

Even if Tagovailoa wouldn’t be 100% healthy for the 2020, it’s hard to imagine a desperate and quarterback-starved franchise like the Dolphins, Chargers, or Panthers passing up on Tagavolia in the top 10 of the Draft.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he hopes Nick Saban doesn’t somehow try to passive-aggressively manipulate Tagovailoa into staying another year, and risk further injuring himself in a punishing SEC conference.