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Jay Glazer: Cowboys 'Fell in Love' With Mike McCarthy After First Interview

Colin Cowherd: “Is Mike McCarthy the guy the Cowboys were targeting?”
Jay Glazer: “Yes, they wanted head coaching experience. A lot of people thought they would go after a Lincoln Riley, but that wasn’t the case. They didn’t want someone with college experience, they wanted someone who was an NFL head coach. At first they wanted defense, but the more research they did on Mike McCarthy, the more they really started to fall in love with the ‘grunt’ that is Mike McCarthy. He is a football guy. When they met and interviewed with him, they looked at it and said ‘There is such a difference between him and Jason Garrett’. Garrett is a Princeton kind of guy and McCarthy is a Pittsburgh guy. The way he went in there and explained how he would run the offense, run their team, and how the team needed a lot of discipline, they just fell in love with him throughout the night. The interview in Dallas was only supposed to last one day, but it went so well that they ended up keeping him overnight ” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer join The Herd to explain to Colin Cowherd how the Dallas Cowboys’ hiring of former Super Bowl winning head coach Mike McCarthy went down.

Jay details how the former Green Bay Packers frontman distinguished himself from other notable candidates, and explains why the Cowboys ultimately shied away from hot shot college candidates like Urban Meyer, Lincoln Riley, and Matt Rhule.

Check out the video above as Jay describes how McCarthy’s in-person interview with the team in Dallas ultimately led to the franchise falling in love with their new coach.