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Colin Cowherd: Joe Burrow is Not an Elite Quarterback Talent

Colin Cowherd: “Do you know who Joe Burrow’s NFL comparison is? Low-end Nick Foles but high-end Tony Romo… He’s got a good arm but it’s not special, he’s athletic but he’s not a freak, excellent basketball player, came from a family with some coaching, likeable, smart, excellent leadership skills, willing to throw the ball up for grabs as a risk taker, and talented… But Romo was never gifted enough to overcome bad offensive lines in his career, and Burrow is talented, but he was not even winning big at LSU until he got the right coach. He’s NOT Deshaun Watson, he’s NOT Russell Wilson, and he's not gifted enough to win despite average coaching, mediocrity on the offensive line, and a conservative offense.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss what NFL quarterback he would compare LSU superstar Joe Burrow to, a day after Colin took exception to Joel Klatt saying that Burrow reminds him of Hall of Famer Joe Montana.

Colin says Burrow will be either low-end Nick Foles or high-end Tony Romo, saying he’s not gifted enough to single-handedly spearhead a flawed team like Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, or Deshaun Watson could, but says he’s an athletic and smart leader, who doesn’t shy away from taking risks.

On Tuesday Colin said he doesn’t think Burrow will ever become a Top 10 quarterback in the NFL, and even said he’d rather have rookie quarterbacks Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray over Burrow for the next 10 years, and also add in Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa over him as well.

Check out the video above as Colin details why being compared to Romo, who has the fourth highest career passer rating in league history, is no slight whatsoever, but says let’s not act like Burrow is John Elway or Andrew Luck.

Colin Cowherd Says Joe Burrow Will Never Become a Top 10 NFL Quarterback - Thumbnail Image

Colin Cowherd Says Joe Burrow Will Never Become a Top 10 NFL Quarterback