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Doug Gottlieb: Zion Williamson's NBA Ceiling is Draymond Green

Doug Gottlieb: Zion Williamson's NBA Ceiling is Draymond Green
Doug Gottlieb: “Dude, Zion stepped into four wide open threes and made them. It still doesn’t answer the questions that we had about his weight and about his mobility… My first impression was that he didn’t look sharp, and I didn’t think he moved as well as I thought he would… I think he projects as a more athletic Draymond Green. You may say Draymond is averaging a triple-single, but he’s likely going to the Hall of Fame. He’s an All-NBA player, and a perennial All-Star; that’s a compliment. Being a more athletic version of Draymond Green is not a knock. If you really paid attention last night, Zion looked a lot sloppier athletically than you thought he would.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he wasn’t impressed with New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson’s NBA regular season debut on Wednesday night, as the 19-year-old turned a dud into a highlight reel you’ll never forget in a matter of minutes with 22 points in limited play, including one stretch where he scored 17 consecutive points.

Gottlieb, however, wasn’t that enthralled, and said all he got out of last night was a guy making wide open threes that were completely uncontested, and an out of shape kid who looked overweight.

Despite most NBA pundits speaking glowingly of Zion on Thursday, including Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd saying Zion is a better version of Blake Griffin, Charles Barkley, and Karl Malone all wrapped into one, Gottlieb has a different NBA comparison… Draymond Green.

Check out the audio above as Doug details why being compared to Draymond, a potential Hall of Famer, isn’t any sort of slight.

Check out the video below to watch Doug discuss Zion’s debut on The Herd.