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Doug Gottlieb: Eli Manning is Not a Deserving Hall of Fame Quarterback

Doug Gottlieb: “Eli Manning was ‘clutch’… Yea, I guess. Was he only clutch when they won?? We get to this point with guys that we like, that we won’t even mention the negative side. You say he’s ‘big game’ and ‘clutch’ but those were only the two years they went on Super Bowl runs. They were in the playoffs four other times and lost all 4 of the first games in which they played. Was he clutch then? Both of those Super Bowls that he won the MVP in -- it was as much because of his performance as it was they couldn’t find one of the defensive lineman to give it to. They couldn’t give the MVP to the Giants' pass rush. The Hall of Fame should be reserved for the best of the best, of the best. He had an above average career. If he was so good, then why did he only have 5 double-digit win seasons 16 years? He was a .500 quarterback for his career in the regular season, and was barely a .500 quarterback in the postseason. That’s kind of who he is and doesn’t reserve you a spot in Canton.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t believe the now-former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is a legitimate Hall of Fame player, just hours after Eli officially announced his exodus from the league.

On Thursday, Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd said Eli is as deserving as any player ever enshrined considering Eli’s role in two of the most famous Super Bowls ever during the peak of the Patriots dynasty that featured the greatest quarterback ever, Tom Brady, and the greatest coach ever, Bill Belichick, both infamously and iconically losing on the sport’s biggest stage to Eli.

Gottlieb, however, says people forget that ‘big game’ Eli also made four other playoff appearances during his career and went one-and-done in all of them. So was he only clutch in two of his 16 seasons?

Manning finished just 117-117 for his career with a lukewarm 84.1 passer rating. Manning appeared in 4 Pro Bowls but didn’t receive a single MVP vote his entire career.

Check out the video above as Doug details why Eli certainly had a memorable career that will forever be hallowed in football history, but one that shouldn’t end in a Hall of Fame selection that is only meant for elite and talents.