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Rob Parker Says Eli Manning is a More Clutch Quarterback than Tom Brady

Super Bowl XLVI
Rob Parker: “Eli Manning has been bigger than Tom Brady late in games, and I’ll take Eli in the clutch EVERY SINGLE TIME. You can’t be the GOAT when you lost to Eli, who people call a bum, and a backup quarterback in the Super Bowl.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker double-down on his ‘I’d rather have Eli Manning than Tom Brady is a big game’ take that he originally made on Wednesday’s episode of The Herd w/ Colin Cowherd.

Parker told Colin Cowherd that he thinks Eli was a better ‘big game’ quarterback than Brady and said the defining moments of Brady’s career were Adam Vinatieri field goals and choke jobs by their opponents in the Super Bowl.

With the New York Giants naming Daniel Jones their Week 2 starter, many pundits in the media have already begun commemorated Manning’s probable Hall of Fame career that could be over as we know it.

This led Parker to calling Eli a more clutch player than Brady, as most of the praise around the league has gone to Brady's Patriots team who has outscored opponents by 73 points the first two games.

Check out the audio below as an incensed Chris Broussard calls out Rob for yet another anti-Patriots and anti-Brady take.

Rob has already called Brady the ‘LUCKIEST OF ALL TIME’ (LOAT) and said he’s a washed up has-been before the season started.

Rob Parker Says Eli Manning is a More Clutch Quarterback than Tom Brady