Troy Polamalu Says He Feels Responsible For Antonio Brown's Downfall

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers
Troy Polamalu: “Talking about Antonio, I was one of the leaders on the team when he was with Pittsburgh and I definitely feel a tremendous burden now… As a teammate, I tried to be a better brother to him, and honestly I feel a responsibility for the way he has behaved recently, and not being able to reach him when I was his teammate. Our locker room was very close, and we definitely had a very close brotherhood from the previous players that I was teammates with, and we’ve all done our best to try and reach out to him. He’s lived a very, very, very tough life and can’t trust anyone.” (Full Interview Below)

Listen to former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro Troy Polamalu join Outkick the Coverage to discuss his relationship with former teammate Antonio Brown, who has become the most infamous NFL player of the era for his cataclysmic fall from grace.

Polamalu showed remorse when talking about Brown, his teammate for five years in Pittsburgh from 2010-2014, and says he feels ‘responsible’ for Brown’s downfall. Polamalu was the captain of the defense, and one of the most influential and respected veteran players on the team when Brown was first starting his career, and says he feels at fault that he couldn’t make a positive impact on Brown.

Brown’s legal battles are well established, as frozen feet and illegal helmets last summer quickly gave way to sexual assault allegations and arrests on burglary with battery.

Check out the interview below as Polamalu says he feels a ‘tremendous burden’ years later.