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Colin Cowherd: Joe Burrow is Going to Struggle in the NFL

Colin Cowherd: “Joe Burrow is a ‘good’ prospect, he’s not a ‘great’ prospect… LSU had everything in place, they just needed a quarterback. Cincinnati has got NOTHING in place in a really loaded defensive division. He’ll be a ‘good’ prospect going to a cheap and dysfunctional organization. I think he is going to struggle in that division with the Rooney family, the Steelers defense, Mike Tomlin, Steve Bisciotti, John Harbaugh, Lamar Jackson, the Ravens defense, and Cleveland’s defensive front when Myles Garrett comes back. It’s not ‘Haterade’ and I’m not some local pom-pom waving blogger. Good prospect going to a cheap owner doesn’t sound like Hall of Fame to me… His comparison is Tony Romo but his arm isn’t as good, Romo had bigger hands, and Romo was a slightly better athlete.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s never been very high on LSU quarterback Joe Burrow ever since Burrow shockingly leapt up NFL Draft boards as the likely number one overall pick after posting the greatest statistical season in college football history.

Colin still has Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa as his number one quarterback in the Draft, and doesn’t believe Burrow will be able to have esteemed success on a Cincinnati Bengals team that has arguably been the most incompetent franchise in North American sports history.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Burrow is a ‘good’ prospect but far from a ‘great one’, a guy with simply an ‘average arm’, and predicts that he's going to struggle in an AFC North Division with terrible weather and bullying defenses.