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Rob Parker: Buccaneers Will Be a Disaster With 'Dink and Dunk' Tom Brady

Rob Parker: Buccaneers Will Be a Disaster With 'Dink and Dunk' Tom Brady
Rob Parker: “Tom Brady has made a huge mistake going to Tampa Bay and this is going to end very BADLY. It’s going to be Emmitt Smith ending with the Arizona Cardinals, and it will be Michael Jordan ending with the Washington Wizards. It’s a BAD situation. Brady can’t throw the ball down the field anymore. It’s nice to have those receivers unless you’re 'dinking & dunking’. Bruce Arians likes to air it out and I don’t think they have the right quarterback. I get the money grab, Tom, but Tampa Bay will wind up being a disaster. This is a BAD decision and I’m saying they do NOT make the playoffs.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ signing of Tom Brady, one of the most fascinating stories in NFL history, will ultimately be a disaster for a budding Bucs team who thinks they are a star quarterback away from making a big push towards the top of the NFC.

Parker says he understands the ‘money grab’ part of the deal, considering the Bucs have had a hard time selling tickets in the central florida area the entire decade, but says the football side of the unprecedented experiment will be a complete bust.

Check out the audio above as Rob details why Brady’s fading arm strength is not going to be able to function in a Bucs offense that favors constant attacking over the top, which vastly differs from the ‘dinks and dunks’ he was used to in New England.