Colin Cowherd: No NFL Team Wants Cam Newton as Their Starting Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “According to a story, Cam Newton may have to accept a backup role to remain in the NFL. And a story today said the Redskins are interesting in Jameis Winston, NOT Cam. Bears? NOT Cam. Raiders? NOT Cam. Colts? NOT Cam. Chargers? NOT Cam. I’ve often compared Cam to Russell Westbrook but he’s now becoming Carmelo Anthony. No self-awareness, refuses to adapt to the new three-point league, semi-committed, writing off that great reputation in college, and has aged poorly. Cam is distracted and is only ‘kind of’ committed. What’s the market for Cam? He’s inaccurate – 59% completion percentage, and take away one great year and his passer rating is around 85. He’s .500 since his MVP season, and he’s an average quarterback who had one great year. He’s not even great at running around anymore. Tom Brady was old and expensive, Cam is young and cheap and there are NO takers. There is no market for Cam.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Cam Newton is the NFL’s version of Carmelo Anthony, as the former MVP is seemingly at the crossroads of his career with his Carolina Panthers signing former Saints backup Teddy Bridgewater as their starter-to-be.

Anthony, of course was a former NBA scoring champion whose skillsets rapidly became outdated at the end of his career. Anthony at one time was out of the league because of a dwindling market for his talents.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Cam’s market is shrinking as well, as Colin explains why Cam’s talents are becoming outdated the same way Carmelo's did.