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Rob Parker: Buccaneers Will Be a Fraud With a 'Washed Up' Tom Brady

Rob Parker: Buccaneers Will Be a Fraud With a Washed Up Tom Brady
Chris Broussard: “Are the Buccaneers Super Bowl contenders?”
Rob Parker: “NO WAY, NO HOW. This is once again a fraudulent attempt to get people worked up like something is going on here. I’m sorry, but MOVE ALONG, there is nothing going on here... Last year people fell for it with the Cleveland Browns. I’m telling you right here and right now that the Bucs aren’t doing anything special and aren’t making the playoffs with or without Tom Brady. He is not ‘that guy’ and is 43. There is a reason the Patriots stepped away from him and there is a reason his market was only bad teams willing to pay the bad team tax. Tom Brady is WASHED, I’m sorry. It’s a pipedream and it will be a disappointment. This is a FRAUD. Brady is washed and the Bucs are not good. They’re not Super Bowl contenders, they’re not going to win anything, and they’re going to have to live with the fact that they gave Tom Brady a $60 million retirement package.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Tom Brady’s shocking migration to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will ultimately be a disaster, as Rob thinks a ‘washed up’ Brady is going to self-destruct next season at the age of 43.

Check out the audio above as Rob details why he’s predicting the Bucs to massively underachieve in 2020 much like the Cleveland Browns did last season, and explains why he doesn’t see the Buccaneers even making the playoffs next year, let alone reaching the Super Bowl.