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Tony Dungy Says He Would Rather Have Jameis Winston than Cam Newton

Dan Patrick: “Jameis Winston and Cam Newton are currently on the outside looking in. If you had to take one…?”
Tony Dungy: “I think you take Jameis Winston because of the youth and the health right now. I love Cam, but I haven’t really seen him at full speed in a year. Hopefully he’s over all the injuries, and if you’ve got that you’ve got some weaponry, but if I had to choose – especially in this environment when you’re not going to get a lot of [medical] information – I think I’d take Jameis and try to work with that… You look at Jameis’ numbers and Peyton Manning’s numbers in those first five years and there’s not a lot of difference.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to former Super Bowl champion head coach Tony Dungy join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss the quarterback quandary many NFL teams currently face in the midst of the deepest QB market in league history, most notably the teams that are looking at the two biggest names left, Cam Newton and Jameis Winston.

Check out the video above as Dungy explains why he would rather have Jameis, not only because Newton’s vague health status, but because of Winston’s historically productive numbers as a passer, and the close parallels he shares with Manning through their first five seasons in the league.