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Melvin Gordon Says NFL Running Back Salaries Will Go Way Up Again

Colin Cowherd: “Do you believe there is going to be a reemergence or a pivot back to running backs?”
Melvin Gordon: “I do. As far as with contracts and things like that, I think Joe Mixon, Alvin Kamara, Saquon Barkley, and Christian McCaffrey will turn things back around and it will be up to us and the younger guys to keep it up there. We are devalued right now and it’s kind of sad because we touch the ball, we run the ball, we block, and we’re such a big piece to the game. It’s crazy that we're overlooked, because they say we can get injured. Well, there are a lot of positions that get injured. I just don’t understand. When I was young as a kid everyone wanted to be a running back, now these days nobody wants to. It is what it is I guess.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon join The Herd to discuss the devaluation of running backs in a modern NFL that is suddenly moving away from giving big deals to the game’s most productive ball carriers.

Gordon is now known for his infamous holdout with the Los Angeles Chargers that ended up burning the former Wisconsin Badger.

Gordon turned down a $10 million annual contract, with $20 million guaranteed last off-season with LA, and ended up being fined $3.2 million for the holdout. Last week Gordon signed a 2-year, $16 million deal with Denver, with $13.5 million guaranteed.

Many were calling it one of the worst holdouts in recent memory.

Check out the video above as Gordon says he thinks the current group of elite backs will once again raise the bar on lucrative running back salaries.