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Colin Cowherd: Bengals Should Draft Tua Tagovailoa at #1, Not Joe Burrow

Colin Cowherd: “The most captivating player in the NFL Draft is Tua. He’s my number one quarterback. I think Joe Burrow is a very good player, but if Tua remains healthy he is Drew Brees. Athletic, but really a pocket passer with a great touch, with a perfect temperament, who is a great leader, great pre-snap, who sees the field. He’s not tied to athleticism like some quarterbacks are. I’m rolling the dice, he’s my number one. I’m not too worried about ankle stuff, pro athletes hurt athletes all the time.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Cincinnati Bengals should take former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with the first overall pick in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft, as Colin continues to be driving the Tua bandwagon in the media.

Despite former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, an Ohio native no less, being widely expected to be taken first by the Bengals, most draft experts believe Tagovailoa would have been number one pick had he not suffered severe ankle and hip injuries during his short stint at Alabama.

Check out the video above as Colin compares Tua to Drew Brees, and says Cincy should be rolling the dice on a gifted pocket passer like Tua who doesn’t rely on athleticism to dominante, and thus would be affected less by a lower body injury.