Jameis Winston on Losing Bucs QB Job: I Got Replaced by the GOAT Tom Brady

Ed Henry: “I gotta ask you about this guy, I think his name is Tom Brady or something like that? I heard he might be quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Maybe comment on that? A lot of people are wondering where you are going to wind up next year. What is your thought on that?”
Jameis Winston: “One thing about Tom Brady is that he is the GOAT. If you’re going to get replaced by Tom Brady in a city that you love so much I guess that’s kudos to me. At the end of the day it’s a competitive sport and we’re all in a business so I’m excited for whatever opportunity may hold. Eventually I’m going to have to play the Tom Bradys the Patrick Mahomes’, and all the other great quarterbacks, bit that’s how you win Super Bowls and that’s what I want.”

Listen to Jameis Winston’s Wednesday morning appearance on Fox News when the now-former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was dealt a tough question on his thoughts around Tom Brady taking his quarterback job in Tampa Bay.

Winston didn’t flinch whatsoever and appears to be content in his likely exit from Tampa, saying ‘If you’re going to get replace by Tom Brady in a city that you love so much I guess that’s kudos to me.'

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