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COVID-19: Doug Gottlieb Says Coronavirus Hurt Tua Tagovailoa's Draft Stock

COVID-19: Doug Gottlieb Says Coronavirus Hurt Tua Tagovailoa's Draft Stock
Doug Gottlieb: “The hip is the major issue with Tua, but your inability to evaluate him combined with the fact that he’s left-handed, combined with the fact that he’s been brought down by guys questioning how athletic he is, and then Joe Burrow surpassing him as a prospect this year… In a normal Draft, you’d have a doctor who would go ‘ya know what, let’s go with it, I’ll give you the green light.’ But with no ability to evaluate him in person for a month and a half leading up to the Draft, what doctor in his right mind is going to green light this thing?? If there was ever a reason to bail on an idea that you absolutely weren’t sure of, this is a good excuse.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he believes the coronavirus pandemic has hurt the draft stock of Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, as perhaps the 2020 NFL Draft’s biggest enigma wonders if he could have been the number one overall pick in a normal offseason.

Most of the NFL media has anointed LSU quarterback Joe Burrow the best quarterback of the 2020 class, but there is also a loyal contingent of Tagovailoa supporters as well, who believe Tua has the highest NFL upside of all the prospects.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why he believes the league’s COVID-19 lockdown prevented Tagovailoa from making a major move for number one, as the scouting and evaluation process has been nearly impossible for teams who may have been looking outside the box of Burrow.