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Joel Klatt Compares Joe Burrow to NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana

Joel Klatt: “Joe Burrow was the single catalyst of change from a program that was perpetually underachieving with great recruiting classes, under a coach who just an old defensive line coach, and now all of the sudden he’s thought of as this great epiphany of a head coach because he had a quarterback who was unbelievable. Burrow reminds me of Joe Montana. When Montana played the game he played with a smoothness in his feet and a surgical approach mentally attacking the defense that at that point was beyond reproach. Burrow is similar to that and is so smooth, with the basketball background, and the competitive nature when he gets hit and bounces back, and the surgical nature in which he sees the weaknesses in the structure of the defense and then goes out and attacks them. I love Joe Burrow… I believe he will have a much better NFL career than Tony Romo.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt speak glowingly of former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, as Klatt not only told Colin Cowherd (not a Burrow fan) that he believes Burrow will have a better NFL career than former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but why he sees so many comparisons between Burrow and four-time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana.

Check out the interview above as Klatt details with Burrow should be ranked higher than Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa on ALL draft boards.