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Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 10 NFL Players For 2020

Listen to Colin Cowherd rank his Top 10 NFL Players heading into the 2020 season with the NFL Draft just two days away on Thursday.

10. Tom Brady

“If Derwin James played last year I would put him in, but I’m going to put in Tom Brady. He wins games with leadership, accuracy, pre-snap, he gets you out of problems, he’s a culture builder, and he wins for you on multiple levels. We still have to acknowledge he will be 43 but you have to put Brady in there.”

9. Ezekiel Elliott

He’s got some baggage but I would still put him in. He can run, he can block, and he can catch.”

8. Lamar Jackson

Obvious reasons!”

7. Mike Evans

“He’s unbelievable in the red zone, he’s great between the twenties, he’s one of the top blocking wide receievrs in the NFL, he’s a playmaker, and he’s good after the catch.”

6. Jamal Adams

“His position is the only one where when the ball is snapped and you’re watching the game on TV that position is out of the frame. He can blow guys up, he can defend the run, he’s instinctive, he’s a and playmaker.

For rankings 5 to 1 check out the full video above.