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Only Awful NFL Franchises Needing Ticket Sales Wanted 'Washed Up' Tom Brady

Rob Parker: “This is as pathetic as it gets for Tom Brady that he has to go and beg a franchise like Tampa Bay for a gig, who hasn’t been in the playoffs for 12 years. He was groveling on his hands and his knees! And he’s supposed to be the GOAT?? He doesn’t need to sell himself; his resume SUPPOSEDLY speaks for itself! Brady needed to sell them on the idea of taking a fossil and make something happen, and that Brady wouldn’t be like most dinosaurs who went EXTINCT… Virtually nobody wanted Brady, which is why he had to go to an also-ran and terrible franchise to get a job. How embarrassing for the supposed ‘GOAT!’” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why recent reports that Tom Brady was the one ‘selling’ the Buccaneers on signing the 42-year-old quarterback were a bad look for Tom, and prove why the 42-year-old is a washed up FORMER legend who is desperately clinging onto an NFL career in season 21.

NFL insider Albert Breer reported Monday that the Bucs and Chargers were really the only two teams who seriously considered Brady, and teams like the Colts, Niners, and Titans weren’t looking to ‘blow up’ their future just to take on the six-time Super Bowl.

Check out the audio above as Parker rips into Brady for coming off like he was begging for a job from a franchise like Tampa who has been one of the worst teams of the decade.