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Chase Young: There Will Be Lots of 'Leeches' if Hometown Redskins Draft Me

Dan Patrick: "Do you care where you get drafted?"
Chase Young: "It's not our choice but I definitely care where I'm going because this is a big moment in my life. Wherever I go I will be the best player I can be."
DP: "Any downside to playing closer to home?"
Young: "There's pros and cons of playing everywhere. There's definitely cons of playing at home. Guys I've talked to around the league have told me to learn how to say no. If I were to be selected by the Redskins there will be a lot of leeches. There will be people around that you don't always want around and I'll just have to learn to say no. That's the big thing I took away from the talks I've had with my big brothers who have already been through it." (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Ohio State defensive end Chase Young join The Dan Patrick Show just hours before the Buckeyes phenom is expected to be selected in the top 5 of the NFL Draft.

Barring an unforeseen blockbuster trade, Young is nearly unanimously expected to be selected number two overall to the Washington Redskins.

Young grew up in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, only about 20 miles from Washington, DC.

Check out the interview above as Young says he expects there being a lot of ‘leeches’ to deal with if his hometown Redskins end up drafting college football’s most physically imposing player.