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Colin Cowherd Ranks His 5 'Safest' and 5 'Riskiest' Picks in 2020 NFL Draft

Listen to Colin Cowherd countdown the five SAFEST and the five RISKIEST picks of the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft, which will be held virtually tonight at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT.

SAFEST: Jeff Okudah, cornerback, Ohio State

“He's great, no penalties, catch up speed; watch his video in football games, watch his practice video. He just doesn’t look like other guys. He can catch with one hand, he’s fast, he’s quick, and he can be physical. I just don’t see a bust. I think you can put him on ‘physical’, and put him on an island.”

RISKIEST: Isaiah Simmons, linebacker, Clemson

“A guy I worry about who I think is unbelievable is Isaiah Simmons. I think he’s great but doesn’t it depend that he gets the right coach? He doesn’t have a position! How many great defensive coordinators are there in the NFL? If I said’ 10 or 12, that means 20 guys aren’t, and there is a big gap between great coaches in the NFL and the AVERAGE coach. What if Isaiah Simmons gets a coach that just doesn’t know where to put him? If he landed in Seattle with Pete Carroll he would be great, he’d be great with Sean McDermott, and Ron Rivera, but I don’t think those teams will get him.”

Check out the video above for the FULL countdown.