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Michael Jordan Wasn't Great Enough to Deserve a 10-Part Documentary Series

Michael Jordan Wasn't Great Enough to Deserve a 10-Part Documentary Series
Jason McIntyre: “I don’t wanna act like I’m a guy tearing down Michael Jordan here, I’m just going to state some facts. Michael Jordan could not get by the Celtics in the East, he could not get past the Pistons until they went to the Finals three years in a row and got worn down, and he beat the Lakers in his first year and then Magic retires. Jordan beat up on a watered down NBA in the 90’s and I think LeBron’s era is much tougher with the ‘Super Teams.’"
Dan Shaughnessy: “Yes, I like that. I think LeBron James is a better player than Jordan. I think Wilt Chamberlain was a better player than Jordan. He what he is. It’s the cult of Jordan, it’s the shoes, and it was a lot of things. As a 6’6” guard there is more limitations of how great he can be. I was never into it as everybody else. I’ll give him top 3, but oh my God, didn’t ESPN have him top athlete of the century or something?? Ahead of Ali and Russell??... I’m starting my teams with LeBron James and Wilt Chamberlain over Michael Jordan, and I’d do it every time… Does he deserve a 10-part series? NO. LeBron should get a 16-part series if they’re going to do that.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to longtime Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy join The Jason McIntyre Show to discuss ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, and reconsider the actual place in history for six-time NBA Finals champion, and five-time league MVP Michael Jordan, who most consider the greatest player in NBA history.

Jason McIntyre says he believes Jordan receives way too much credit for beating down on a ‘watered down’ Eastern Conference fresh off the overthrows of the Celtics, Lakers, and Pistons dynasties, and says he believes the modern era of ‘Super Teams’ makes LeBron James’ competition much tougher than Jordan’s.

Shaughnessy agreed, saying the fascinating persona of Jordan paired with his metaphoric rise in the shoe industry made him into this mythological sports phenomenon, shielded from all discord, and all contention when it comes to the possibility of anyone being greater than him on the court.

Shaughnessy says if he were building a team he would take Wilt Chamberlain and LeBron James over Jordan in their primes, and says if MJ is getting a 10-part series done on him, then LeBron better get a 16-part series.

Check out the full audio above as both McIntyre and Shaughnessy take turns delivering body blows to the heavily fortified ‘Jordan is GOAT’ continent.