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Charles Barkley: ‘Cheap' Jerry Reinsdorf Broke Up Bulls, Not Jerry Krause

Colin Cowherd: “Have you ever worked for a general manager in your life who you felt was either jealous or needy? I can’t believe how needy Jerry Krause is.”
Charles Barkley: “Colin, I’m going to have to stop you there because I think you’re 100% wrong on this one. Jerry Krause probably was needy, but the guys that you are letting off the hook is Jerry Reinsdorf. This notion that Jerry Krause broke up the Bulls… They let Horace Grant go because they didn’t want to pay him. In episodes 1 and 2 everyone talked about how much money Scottie Pippen made. Michael barely made more money than Scottie, and over their careers Scottie made more money basketball wise than Michael. Mike only made money those last two years. Reinsdorf broke up the Bulls for one reason: he didn’t want to pay Michael anymore and it was time to pay Scottie. Jerry Krause might have had little man syndrome, but the notion that he broke up the Bulls? This was all about Reinsdorf not wanting to pay those guys. He never paid anyone but Michael those last two years when he paid him $30 million, and he was underpaid those two years!... Not only did Reinsdorf throw Jerry Krause under the bus, but he backed over him like 10 or 15 times.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Charles Barkley explain why he thinks the late Jerry Krause is getting unfairly annihilated in ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, as the saboteur who destroyed the late-90’s Chicago Bulls teams.

Check out the interview above as Charles details to Colin Cowherd why Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf was really the guy who broke up the Bulls teams because he was ‘cheap’ and says Reinsdorf is not only throwing Krause under the bus, but he’s ‘backing over him 15 times.’

Barkley also brings up a legendary story about the day he was with Jordan on the golf course when he finally got a huge contract from the Bulls, and how he was calling Krause a ‘motherf**ker’ on the phone.