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Doug Gottlieb Says Scottie Pippen Was a 'Terrible Teammate'

Doug Gottlieb: “Terrible Teammate… This was a pattern for Scottie. On the floor ‘not selfish’ but off the floor ‘SELFISH.’ You’re not going to go in the game because the play is not for you?? And then you wonder ‘Why would the Bulls not change his contract?’ Well, I don’t know, if you’re the guy who bails on the team, then that completely disintegrated his leadership capabilities and that’s why they fell apart the next season… You factor in that with the next season when he’s not going to have surgery because he wants to have a good summer?... I thought this was really telling of who Scottie Pippen really was, and the real reason the Bulls weren’t totally all in on him. You’re going to move mountains on Pippen when he quit on the team cause the play wasn’t run his way and then he won’t get surgery at the appropriate time and then waits the entire offseason? F him, and I think a lot of America, especially basketball dudes, are like ‘Scottie wasn’t a good teammate.’” (Full segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Chicago Bulls GM and Jerry Krause and owner Jerry Reinsdorf were ultimately justified to not award Scottie Pippen with a lucrative renegotiated contract during the late-90’s, as Gottlieb believes ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary is detailing the very reasons why the Bulls refused Pippen’s wishes.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb says the series shows you how terrible of a teammate Pippen really was.