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Michael Jordan Needs to Be More Respectful Giving Credit to His Opponents

Michael Jordan Needs to Be More Respectful Giving Credit to His Opponents
Dan Patrick: “Now there is one thing that I take away from this and it feels like it’s always there every episode -- Mike doesn’t give credit to too many people. He’ll give credit to Scottie, he’ll give credit to Phil, but Michael’s still competing. He needed to give a little bit more of an acknowledgement to Gary Payton. Because if you look at the three games that Gary Payton guarded Michael Jordan in those NBA Finals, two of Mike’s worst playoff performances ever were against Gary Payton. Gary Payton deserved credit last night, not laughing. I thought that was B.S.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick explain why he’s been a little taken back this month about the lack of respect Michael Jordan has given his opponents during the first 8 episodes of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary.

One of the most memorable moments of Episode 8 was Jordan hysterically laughing when shown a video of former Seattle Supersonics superstar Gary Payton talking about how the 1996 NBA Finals could have been different if Sonics head coach George Karl had let Payton guard Jordan for the entire series, instead of shying away from tiring out his best scorer on boths ends in the first three games which were all Seattle losses. Seattle won Games 4 and 5 when Payton was guarding Jordan, but lost game 6.

Check out the video above as Dan details why he believes Jordan needs to give more credit to his opponents, and explains why he thought Jordan’s laughing at Payton's comments was ‘BS.’”