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Colin Cowherd Says There Shouldn't Be Any Hype Around Jarrett Stidham

Colin Cowherd: “Bill Belichick, after Tom Brady won a Super Bowl versus Atlanta, was ready to move off Brady for Garoppolo… Brady is now older, off his worst season in years, and Belichick is like ‘Is Tom going to re-sign??’ Belichick watched Stidham the whole year, he watched him every practice, and he didn’t blow him away. It’s not like Stidham played in the sticks. He played in the SEC at Auburn and beat Alabama. We knew who Jarrett Stidham was. He threw 18 touchdowns at Auburn with NFL offensive linemen, NFL running backs, NFL tight ends… It’s a top 10 or 12 program in the country. When he got drafted in the fourth round were we outraged? He wasn’t even mentioned. Perhaps he’s a late bloomer, but I keep hearing all these insiders say how great he is, but Belichick watched him for a year and sat around still hoping Brady signed.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t see why incoming Patriots quarterback Jarrett Stidham is getting such acclaim around the league from football insiders, when Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots got to watch him for a whole year and yet still attempted to bring back Tom Brady.

Check out the video above as Colin has his doubts with the perceived hype around Stidham, saying Belichick tried to literally push Brady out when unheralded Garoppolo was waiting in the wings, but was still willing to bring Brady back as Stidham was sitting right there on the depth chart as the heir apparent.

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