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Shaq Says Golden State Warriors ‘Wouldn’t Have Been a Factor’ in His Era

Shaquille O’Neal: “In this era, Draymond wouldn’t even be in the game for them to be in the pick n’ roll because he would have gotten 3 quick fouls. Now let’s take it back to our era. We wouldn’t have even been playing them because they would have been the 6 or 7 seed. You had us, San Antonio, Sacramento, you had KG, you had Utah, you had Portland – they wouldn’t have even been a factor. Pick n’ roll is okay but we would have trapped Steph and forced him to shoot, or if Steph would have gotten away, I would have told D-Fish ‘Steph is getting too hot, let him drive to the basket’ and I would have touched his a** up 2 or 3 times, and he wouldn’t have come back from that… Stop it Mr. Draymond, you’re too little.”

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal’s recent remarks firing back at Draymond Green, after Green said his Warriors would ‘destroy’ Shaq and Kobe Bryant’s Lakers if they played a game with today's rules.

Check out the full video above.

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