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Doc Rivers Says LeBron James Could Have Been the 'Greatest NFL Player Ever'

Doc Rivers: “Michael was a super athlete, so was Kobe, so is Kawhi... I don’t know if there’s ever been an athlete in our league like LeBron James. I really believe if LeBron James had to play football he may have been the greatest football player ever at whatever position… Can you imagine LeBron James with a helmet on? That’s dangerous… People ask me how he’s so dominant. He’s ten pounds bigger than Karl Malone, who was a power forward and was looked upon as the biggest and strongest guy in the league. LeBron weighs 10 pounds more than him as a small forward moving at the speed that he moves at. That explains LeBron James in a nutshell.” (Full Video Above)

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said he believes LeBron James could have been the ‘greatest football player ever’, during an interview with his son Austin on ‘Uninterrupted.’

Rivers mentioned how LeBron, who has spent part of his career as a defecto point guard, is such an uncanny phenom at his size considering he’s essentially the same height and weight of NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone, who was one of the most physically fit players in NBA history, yet can run like an NFL wide receiver.

LeBron was emerging as a star wide receiver as a sophomore at St Vincent-St. Mary high school in Ohio in 1999, catching 42 passes for 752 yards, and 11 touchdowns his first year starting on varsity, and was being heavily recruiting by NCAA football powerhouse the likes of Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, and USC.

LeBron eventually stuck with basketball full-time and wouldn’t play football as a junior or senior.

LeBron’s lost football career is still a topic that is brought up often. One video that continues to swirl around social media is LeBron playing in a flag football game during the 2011 NBA lockout billed as ‘Team LeBron vs. Team Durant.Kevin Durant challenged LeBron to a flag football game in Akron with both players bringing a roster full of serious players.

LeBron dominated the game and looked absolutely unstoppable despite the game boasting lineups of legitimate athletes.

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