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Rob Parker: Steph Curry is Always Overrated in All-Time NBA Player Rankings

Rob Parker: Steph Curry is Always Overrated in All-Time NBA Player Rankings
Rob Parker: “You can’t talk about Steph Curry without Kevin Durant and that’s what makes Isiah Thomas the better player… Isiah beat Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson during their heyday. Isiah Thomas was a tough guy. Who could forget that Game 6 with a badly sprained ankle -- 25 points in one quarter?? There are no magical moments for Steph Curry in any big games. Steph has NEVER been a big-game player. What is his ‘moment’?? Somebody please help me! There is none! It was always about ‘other’ players! Kevin Durant was the two-time back-to-back Finals MVP for a reason. He overshadowed Steph Curry. No one could overshadow Isiah on that team… He is the best ‘small guy’ who ever played in the NBA… Steph is not phenomenal, which is why he’s never won an NBA Finals MVP. Iguodala won the Finals MVP his first title. They tell you Steph averaged 26 points but you can tell they were meaningless points. He doesn’t make the big shots and he’s not clutch. No other player has ever choked down a 3-1 lead in the Finals except the Steph-led Warriors. When the Pistons won it was about Isiah, when Steph won he had a dream team.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss ESPN’s recent rankings of the Top 74 players in NBA history in the 74th NBA season, as Broussard and Parker butt heads on Steph Curry being ranked the 13th best player ever, and most notably, way ahead of Isiah Thomas at 31.

Check out the audio above as Parker gives another one of his patented rants against Steph, saying Steph has never hit a meaningful shot in his entire career, and says that Steph thank former teammate Kevin Durant for saving his legacy.

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