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Jordan's Bulls Wouldn't Have Won Another Title Even if Team Stayed Intact

Rob Parker: Bulls Wouldn't Have Won Another Title if Dynasty Stayed Intact
Rob Parker: “Mike has revisionist history and it’s easy to say that after the fact when you’ve got a pot belly, you got a lot of money and own a team, and you sit there and say ‘oh yea, I would have signed a one-year deal and so would have all these other guys…’ It’s so hard to win, and Michael kept talking about how 'tired' he was and how 'worn out' he was. And of the sudden, 20 years later, he says he was ready for another one? I don’t believe they would have automatically won again.”
Chris Broussard: “Do you think they could have gotten to the Finals and beaten the San Antonio Spurs of David Robinson and Tim Duncan?”
Parker: “No.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the final episode of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance documentary as the two debate whether or not Michael Jordan’s Bulls could have kept winning championships after their sixth and final title in 1998 if the core of Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman would have remained together.

Check out the audio above as Parker details why he thinks the dynasty had run its course, and how it’s easy for a 57-year-old Jordan having revisionist history when saying he was ready for a run at their 7th title if the team hadn’t of dissolved.

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