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Aaron Rodgers' Days in Green Bay Are Numbered

Aaron Rodgers' Days in Green Bay Are Numbered
Jason Smith: “Aaron Rodgers’ year is going to go exactly like Tom Brady’s last year in New England… They’re sick of Rodgers’ act and wanna move on from him… After the season Rodgers will say he wants a trade and the Packers’ will say ‘OK.’ If the Packers wait until next offseason, they can trade him after June 1st and that will save them $22 million in salary cap space. I believe that was the plan all along… He’s got one more year left and then he’s gone… Listen, if Sam Darnold throws 30 touchdowns, the Jets aren’t going to be interested, but if Sam Darnold throws 17 touchdowns and is hurt again, the Jets will say ‘hey, what do you think about Aaron Rodgers??’” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he firmly believes this will be Aaron Rodgers’ final season on the Green Bay Packers, as Jason details why the Packers' masterplan is to trade Rodgers after June 1st to a team ready to dump their botched young quarterback – alla the Giants, Jets, Broncos, Bears, 49ers, or Bills – and give Jordan Love the keys to the offense.

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