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Man Who Delivered Michael Jordan’s Pizza Before ‘Flu Game’ Comes Forward

Craig Fite: “I made the joke that I need to make this pizza because you are all Jazz fans and will do something to this pizza… When they announced he got gotten sick I actually got a phone call from someone at work giving me a hard time and thanking me, saying ‘Hey way to go! Way to try and get Michael sick so the Jazz can win!’ I geeked out making this pizza and wanted to help the Bulls win this series, not make them sick… I’m a big Michael Jordan fan, and my son’s middle name is Jordan.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Craig Fite join The Herd with Colin Cowherd, as the anonymous Utah man is claiming to the be the individual who prepared and delivered the infamous pizza that gave Michael Jordan food poisoning before Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals.

Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’ is one of the most memorable moments in NBA history, when a visibly sick and feeble Jordan miraculously scored 38 points in a decisive Game 5 in Salt Lake City that essentially won the Finals for Chicago. For years, we were led to believe that Jordan’s illness was indeed the flu, with some conspiracy theories even saying it was a hangover from a late night trip to Las Vegas.

Jordan’s longtime trainer Tim Grover recently stated on ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary that it was food poisoning from late night delivery pizza, and not the flu.

Check out the interview above as Fite tells his side of the story.

For a more detailed account into the incident, CLICK HERE to listen to Fite's extended interview on The Big Show’ with Jake Scott and Gordon Monson

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